Press Kit

Please click on the files below which form a press kit of publicity photos, music and information relating to Live Issue. These can be used when publicising a concert or event that you may be organising. 
Photo 1 5.63 MB
Photo 2 3.94 MB
Photo 3 1.19 MB
Photo 4 14.4 MB
Goodbye World Goodbye For radio promotion purposes 3.1 MB
Full Up No Vacancy (mp3 format) For radio promotion purposes 6.99 MB
The Baptism of Jesse Taylor (mp3 format) For radio promotion purposes 9.42 MB
Vacation (mp3 format) For radio promotion purposes 5.73 MB
Live Issue Stage Plan Basic Stage Plan for Live Issue and positioning of instruments. 185 KB
Live Issue details stage plan and Technical Requirements This information is for theatre sound technicians where Live Issue is not running their own sound. 87.8 KB