Click on the map to find the location of Gospel Fest.
Gospel Fest has quickly become one of the largest Gospel music festivals in the UK. It is not built on money, because it’s a free event run on a donation basis – it’s simply an opportunity for folk to have an evening of good ‘craic’, and music with a message. A ‘country in the country’ event which brings together artists from the British Isles as well as Europe and an audience with a variety of tastes. We hope that this year there will be something for everyone and a must for every fan of good Gospel music. 

Come on, scratch the dates into your diary and take a chance, as someone said, ‘if we do you no good, we’ll surely do you no harm’, you’ll enjoy it!

‘Music with a message leads to life with a meaning’.

Gospel Fest 2012 was a huge success with approximately 3000 people attending over the weekend. Thank you to all who supported the event by either attending or supporting Gospel Fest in a practical way. 

Above is  a video of the Michael Harcus Band and below are some photographs of the other artists who appeared at Gospel Fest 2012.